Subjects Offered

“Our greatest natural resources are in the minds of our children"

Our academic structure has been framed in a manner to conceptualize the vision and mission of the school. Each child is unique, and the education system adapted ensures every child develops holistically.


  • LKG and UKG – A specially designed curriculum is crafted, which includes both Montessori methodology and activity-based teaching. This enhances their creativity and joy of learning.

Classes I to X

“Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower”

  • Our School ensures a quality learning environment which gives an optimum level of challenge and a great positive attitude to lead the future. The medium of instruction is English.
  • General Science, Mathematics and Social Science are taught thematically which is accompanied with a lot of activities in the labs. The practical aspect helps them to relate to the real world.  Knowledge is widened by giving both individual and group activities.
  • Primary children enjoy the play-way method of learning. For the students in middle school, independent learning methods like projects and presentation enable them to learn in depth. Independence given to the students along with the teacher’s guidance enhances their skill and learning.
  • The languages English, Tamil and Hindi are taught to all the students. The four components of language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing are taught. We firmly believe that practice leads to perfection.  The skills are enhanced by various activities like competitions, wide usage of the library and watching educational videos. Both leadership and communication skills are enhanced during assembly activities.
  • To develop a person holistically, art and sports are indispensable. Drawing classes and work education are part of the student’s life. The children learn the skill of sportsmanship through regular PET classes and other values of life in their Value Education classes

Classes I and II - Tamil, English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Music, Drawing, Value Education, Games and Yoga

Classes III to X - Instead of Environmental Studies, children are taught Social Studies and Science separately. Other subjects remain as above

  • Computer Science is taught from class I.  The children improve their skills by carrying out practical sessions in the computer lab. 
  • I Language - English 
  • II Language - Tamil/Hindi
  • III Language - Hindi/Tamil

The school aims at making every student realize his or her responsibility as a citizen and towards the society at large.